This method was adopted by thousands of

Heikin Ashi enthusiasts who finally became profitable with it!

✔ What is scalping and why it is so profitable?


✔ Why we use the Heikin Ashi Chart to entry and to exit the trade?


✔  How to recognize the trail of the big players and avoid the pitfalls they set for you?


✔ The secret: Find pivot points in the higher time levels and scalp them on the lower time levels


✔ How to manage the position during the trade?


✔  How to exit the trade?

 ✔  How to calculate the size of your position correctly?


 Preparation of the week


✔  Daily analysis of the DAX, Dow Jones, EURUSD and Bitcoin (23 videos)


✔  Live Trading with commentary (12 videos)


✔  Bonus: Questions from traders, Which broker for scalping? Scalping is Fun! Book for free!  

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