profitablyΒ with the

Heikin Ashi scalping method

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Introduction to the
Online course "Scalping is Fun!"

In this workshop I will show you:

βœ”  How to analyze stock charts correctly


βœ” How to find pivots on the higher time levels but scalp them on the shorter time levels (very effective!)


βœ”  How to scalp with large positions thanks to tight stops


βœ”  How to develop a "sniper mentality" and strike only when conditions are optimal


βœ” How you can become a super earner on the stock market and soon earn $1000 a day or $20,000 a month (or more)
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What you will learn


The most effective scalping strategy with the heikin ashi chart from the world renowned specialist


Learn the secret tricks of successful scalpers and why you have not been successful so far


Spend less hours in front of the PC and use your time more effectively.



❝ I especially like the very small risk you take when scalping. βž

❝ I wish I had known about this method 20 years ago..." βž

❝ This method has helped me to trade profitably again after falling into bad habits. βž

❝ Most strategies based on Technical Analysis make you believe that the indicators move the price. It's like saying the clock moves the sun. βž

❝ If you are a scalper or want to become one, this method is the best! Simple and clear strategy explained in a simple, practical way with many examples. βž

❝ This is a simple strategy explained in a simple way. For me this is an effective way to scalp any market. Once you master the strategy, it's a hell of a lot of fun to scalp the Dax or the Dow. βž

❝ I was so tired of hearing that scalping is not the way to trade… βž

❝ After learning about Heikin Ashi Trader's method, I had a breakthrough." βž

❝ For the first time I started making a profit consistently. βž

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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